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The Short Story

GAIJIN (The Artist)

I've always felt like an outsider in my community and country. I never let that feeling get in my way. All I've ever wanted was to conquer my dreams no matter what. My name is Perez Westbrooks and I go by the artist name Gaijin (Foreigner in Japanese). I am a self-taught multi-discipline artist with a background in traditional painting, sculpting, graphic design, and motion graphics. I was raised to follow my dreams but follow them passionately. I was also taught to help others and spread the knowledge that I've learned so that others don't make the mistakes I've made. The work I create is not just about me, It's for everyone, especially those who feel lost, need motivation, and feel like foreigners. 

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My mission as an artist is to be open about my faith. My art has always been about who I am, and what I represent. I'm here to edify and not distract. I want to speak the truth about the word of God and help others in need. 


I'm a terrible speaker but God has given me artistic talent. My vision is to use my art to spread the word of God & give viewers something to think about. Art for me has always been about conversation and insight. Before I focused on the idea of success and striving to be great. It's still ok to succeed and be great but what's the focus. Is it for yourself or others? I plan on using my art not only to spread the Gospel but to also help others. If I can give away most of my profits, Then I will. 

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